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BC’s Redesigned Curriculum & New Reporting Order

curriculum-imageOver the past number of years, BC has been reviewing the provincial curricula for all subject areas and grade levels simultaneously under a common framework. This year the redesigned curriculum is being implemented for Kindergarten to Grade 9. Needless to say, this is an ambitious undertaking that is having a significant impact on teaching and learning in our schools.

We encourage all parents to learn more about the new K-9 curriculum that is being implemented this school year and the draft version of the 10-12 curriculum that is scheduled to be implemented in the 2017/2018 school year. The Ministry of Education has a website that provides some excellent information about the curriculum, the development process and the framework that is being used.

The Ministry of Education has also just issued a new new Interim Reporting Order.  The new Order provides districts with guidelines on communicating student progress, as well as the flexibility needed at a more local level to continue to move ahead with new practices in student reporting.

Click Here to see a memo from Burnaby School District about the new Interim Reporting Order.

Click Here to see the Ministry of Education website about the resdesigned BC curriculum.