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Governor General’s Academic Medal 2017

LeeAnne Kristmanson (Principal), Cissy Yan, Larry Hayes (SD41Trustee)

Congratulations to Cissy Yan who is Burnaby Mountain’s Governor General’s Academic Medal winner for 2017.
Throughout her 5 years at Burnaby Mountain, Cissy was a conscientious and hardworking student, balancing her heavy academic schedule with leadership activities and giving back to her community. Cissy successfully completed seven AP courses in in her Grade 11 & 12 years, while holding multiple leadership positions within the music department. Additionally, she was always a stand out in the extracurricular math and science contests that she challenged herself with.
With a passion for animals, Cissy participated in work experiences at an animal hospital and the SPCA while at Burnaby Mountain. Her aptitude for the sciences, particularly biology and chemistry, combined with her love of animals, has led her to her interest in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Currently a student at the University of British Columbia, Cissy is expanding her knowledge as she works towards a degree in Applied Animal Biology.
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