Visual Arts

Visual Arts education provides opportunities for all students to perceive, respond to, create and communicate through images. The study and creating of these images influences and reflects our local and global communities. Skills knowledge and attitudes are developed in the following four areas in relation to individual course mediums, ie. Ceramics, painting photography etc.

  • Skill development with a variety of materials, processes and technologies.
  • Study of the elements and principles of design supporting the making and critiquing of art
  • Exploration of context, considering how personal, social, cultural and historical circumstances influence our understanding of Art and Art making.
  • Image development techniques and design strategies.

Courses Offered

Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Art 8
Art 9
Ceramics and Scupture 9
Media 9
Graphics 9
Art 10
Ceramics and Scupture 10
Media 10
Graphics 10


Grade 11
Grade 12
Art Foundations 11
Ceramics and Sculpture 11
Drawing and Painting 11
Photography 11
Media 11
Graphics 11
Art Foundations 12
Ceramics and Sculpture 12
Drawing and Painting 12
Photography 12
Media 12
Graphics 12